Friday, October 15, 2010

Beijing TV (radio and television media)

Beijing TV was in March 1999 officially opened AV2000 network video, audio distribution system for the realization of Beijing Television broadcast a program online, on-demand provides the most efficient and convenient tool. The entire system including the automatic acquisition programs, the program automatically upload online storage and release program, the program admin.

The special needs of the project:

鈻?Automatic live transmission of a television program, collecting Two different bit rate signals, respectively, two REAL SERVER passed 56K and 100K compressed streams.
鈻?can be manually controlled broadcast start and end features, including back-end management of management control and compression control.
鈻?automatic live, on-demand program has begun, you can increase or reduce the length of broadcast time.
鈻?live when compression-side display window screen capture and compression.
鈻?live broadcasts of the period from the day, daily, weekly, are free to set the compression cycle, such as every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays and so on.
鈻?broadcast live across 0:00.
鈻?increased, the number of compression parameters, such as: the number of frames / second; EMPHASIZE AUDIO; VBR ENCODING; TWO PASS ENCODING; LOSS PROTECTION; VIDEO NOISE FILTERING;.
鈻?compression program can set the output window size.
鈻?scheduled program can choose the backup operation, not only one to live, and another for file storage.
鈻?programs scheduled by the four (three) kinds of options, depending on the options program to write database operations.
鈻?additional configuration file management, simplifying the program is scheduled to operate.
鈻?management program is scheduled to show the background program start time, length of broadcast and compression status.
鈻?When the compression error, the program automatically restore compression, and compression to retain the previous name.
鈻?with full logging.
鈻?After the live broadcasts, according to slitting the start time and end function of time. Program will automatically file the contents of the response time cut out of office.
鈻?According to the date, file size is automatically deleted file management.
鈻?live / on-demand page automatically Shuaping.

System Topology:


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Compilation of various source - CLEAN

name clean
page 55,132
title''CLEAN --- Filter text file''

; CLEAN --- a utility to filter text files.
; This program removes all control codes except
; For line feeds, carriage returns, and form
; Feeds, strips off the high bit of all characters,
; And expands tabs. Can be used to make a Wordstar
; File acceptable for other screen or line editors,
; And vice versa.
; Version 1.1 10 Dec 83 Blocking / deblocking
; Version 1.0 25 Nov 83
; Copyright (c) 1983 by Ray Duncan

cr equ 0dh; ASCII carriage return
lf equ 0ah; ASCII line feed
ff equ 0ch; ASCII form feed
eof equ 01ah; End of file marker
tab equ 09h; ASCII tab character

command equ 80h; buffer for command tail

blksize equ 1024; blocking / deblocking size

cseg segment para public''CODE''

assume cs: cseg, ds: data, es: data, ss: stack

clean proc far; entry point from PC-DOS

push ds; save DS: 0000 for final
xor ax, ax; return to PC-DOS
push ax
mov ax, data; make our data segment
mov es, ax; addressable via ES register
call infile; get path and file spec.
; For input file
mov ax, es; set DS = ES for remainder
mov ds, ax; of program
jnc clean1; jump, got acceptable name
mov dx, offset msg4; missing or illegal filespec,
jmp clean9; print error message and exit.

clean1: call outfile; set up output file name
call open_input; now try to open input file
jnc clean2; jump, opened input ok
mov dx, offset msg1; open of input file failed,
jmp clean9; print error msg and exit.

call open_output; try to open output file.
jnc clean25; jump, opened ok
mov dx, offset msg2; open of output file failed,
jmp clean9; print error message and exit.

clean25:; set up buffers
call init_buffs
call sign_on; print ident and file names

; Files successfully opened,
clean3:; now filter the file.
call get_char; read 1 character from input.
and al, 07fh; strip off the high bit
cmp al, 20h; is it a control code?
jae clean4; no, write it to new file
; Yes it is control code,
cmp al, eof; is it end of file marker?
je clean6; yes, jump to close files.
cmp al, tab; is it a tab command?
jz clean5; yes, jump to special processing.
cmp al, cr; if control code other than
je clean35; tab or end-of-file mark, throw
cmp al, ff; it away unless it is a
je clean35; form feed, carriage return,
cmp al, lf; or line feed.
jne clean3
clean35:; If it is one of those three,
mov column, 0; incidentally initialize
jmp clean45; column count for tab processor.

clean4:; count alphanumeric chars. sent.
inc column

clean45:; write this character to
call put_char; output file,
jnc clean3; if CY not set, write was
; Ok so go get next char.
call close_input; if CY set, disk is full
call close_output; so close files and exit
mov dx, offset msg5; with error message.
jmp clean9

clean5:; process tab character
mov ax, column; let DX: AX = column count
mov cx, 8; divide it by eight ...
idiv cx
sub cx, dx; remainder is in DX.
add column, cx; update column pointer.
clean55:; 8 minus the remainder
push cx; gives us the number of
mov al, 20h; spaces to send out to
call put_char; move to the next tab position
pop cx; restore space count
jc clean47; jump if disk is full
loop clean55
jmp short clean3; get next character

clean6:; end of file detected,
call put_char; write end-of-file marker,
jc clean47; jump if disk was full
call flush_buffs; write remaining data to disk
jc clean47; if CY set, disk was full
; Otherwise file was written ok
call close_input; close input and output
call close_output; files.
mov dx, offset msg3; addr of success message,

clean9:; print message and return
mov ah, 9; control to PC-DOS
int 21h

clean endp

infile proc near; process name of input file
; DS: SI <- addr command line
mov si, offset command
; ES: DI <- addr filespec buffer
mov di, offset input_name
lodsb; any command line present?
or al, al; return error status if not.
jz infile4
infile1:; scan over leading blanks
lodsb; to file name
cmp al, cr; if we hit carriage return
jz infile4; filename is missing.
cmp al, 20h; is this a blank?
jz infile1; if so keep scanning.

infile2:; found first char of name,
stosb; move last char. to output
; File name buffer.
lodsb; check next character, found
cmp al, cr; carriage return yet?
je infile3; yes, exit with success code
cmp al, 20h; is this a blank?
jne infile2; if not keep moving chars.

infile3:; exit with carry = 0
clc; for success flag

infile4:; exit with carry = 1
stc; for error flag
infile endp

outfile proc near; set up path and file
cld; name for output file.
mov cx, 64; length to move
mov si, offset input_name; source addr
mov di, offset output_name; dest addr
rep movsb; transfer the string
mov di, offset output_name
outfile1:; scan string looking for
mov al, [di]; "." marking start of extension
or al, al; or zero byte marking name end.
jz outfile2; if either is found, jump.
cmp al ,''.''
je outfile2; bump string pointer, loop
inc di; if neither''.'' or zero found.
jmp outfile1
outfile2:; found zero or''.'', force the
; Extension of the output file
; To''. CLN''
mov si, offset outfile_ext
mov cx, 5
rep movsb
ret; back to caller
outfile endp

open_input proc near; open input file
; DS: DX = addr filename
mov dx, offset input_name
mov al, 0; AL = 0 for read only
mov ah, 3dh; function 3dh = open
int 21h; handle returned in AX,
mov input_handle, ax; save it for later.
ret; CY is set if error
open_input endp

open_output proc near; open output file
; DS: DX = addr filename
mov dx, offset output_name
mov al, 1; AL = 1 for write only
mov ah, 3ch; function 3ch = MAKE or
int 21h; truncate existing file
; Handle returned in AX
mov output_handle, ax; save it for later.
ret; return CY = true if error
open_output endp

close_input proc near; close input file
mov bx, input_handle; BX = handle
mov ah, 3eh
int 21h
close_input endp

close_output proc near; close output file
mov bx, output_handle; BX = handle
mov ah, 3eh
int 21h
close_output endp

get_char proc near; get one character from input buffer
mov bx, input_ptr
cmp bx, blksize
jne get_char1
call read_block
mov bx, 0
mov al, [input_buffer + bx]
inc bx
mov input_ptr, bx
get_char endp

put_char proc near; put one character into output buffer
mov bx, output_ptr
mov [output_buffer + bx], al
inc bx
mov output_ptr, bx
cmp bx, blksize; buffer full yet?
jne put_char1; no, jump
call write_block; yes, write the block
ret; return CY as status code
clc; return CY clear for OK status
put_char endp

read_block proc near
mov bx, input_handle; read first block of input
mov cx, blksize
mov dx, offset input_buffer
mov ah, 3fh
int 21h
jnc read_block1; jump if no error status
mov ax, 0; simulate a zero length read if error
cmp ax, blksize; was full buffer read in?
je read_block2; yes, jump
mov bx, ax; no, store End-of-File mark
mov byte ptr [input_buffer + bx], eof
xor ax, ax; initialize input buffer pointer
mov input_ptr, ax
read_block endp

write_block proc near; write blocked output (blksize bytes)
mov dx, offset output_buffer
mov cx, blksize
mov bx, output_handle
mov ah, 40h
int 21h
xor bx, bx; initialize pointer to blocking buffer
mov output_ptr, bx
cmp ax, blksize; was correct length written?
jne write_block1; no, disk must be full
clc; yes, return CY = 0 indicating all OK
write_block1:; disk is full, return CY = 1
stc; as error code
write_block endp

init_buffs proc near
call read_block; read 1st block of input
xor ax, ax; initialize pointer to output
mov output_ptr, ax; output blocking buffer
init_buffs endp

flush_buffs proc near; write any data in output buffer to disk
mov cx, output_ptr
or cx, cx
jz flush_buffs1; jump, buffer is empty
mov bx, output_handle
mov dx, offset output_buffer
mov ah, 40h
int 21h
cmp ax, output_ptr; was write successful?
jnz flush_buffs2; no, jump
clc; yes, return CY = 0 for
ret; success flag
flush_buffs2:; disk was full so write failed,
stc; return CY = 1 as error flag
flush_buffs endp

sign_on proc near; print sign-on message
mov dx, offset msg6; title ...
mov ah, 9
int 21h
mov dx, offset msg7; input file
mov ah, 9
int 21h
mov dx, offset input_name
call pasciiz
mov dx, offset msg8; output file
mov ah, 9
int 21h
mov dx, offset output_name
call pasciiz
mov dx, offset msg9
mov ah, 9
int 21h
sign_on endp

pasciiz proc near; call DX = offset of ASCIIZ string
mov bx, dx; which will be printed on standard output
mov dl, [bx]
or dl, dl
jz pasciiz9
cmp dl,''A''
jb pasciiz2
cmp dl,''Z''
ja pasciiz2
or dl, 20h
mov ah, 2
int 21h
inc bx
jmp pasciiz1
pasciiz endp

cseg ends

data segment para public''DATA''

input_name db 64 dup (0); buffer for input filespec
output_name db 64 dup (0); buffer for output filespec

input_handle dw 0; token returned by PCDOS
output_handle dw 0; token returned by PCDOS

input_ptr dw 0; pointer to input blocking buffer
output_ptr dw 0; pointer to output blocking buffer

outfile_ext db''. CLN'', 0; extension for filtered file

column dw 0; column count for tab processing

msg1 db cr, lf
db''Cannot find input file.''
db cr, lf ,''$''

msg2 db cr, lf
db''Failed to open output file.''
db cr, lf ,''$''

msg3 db cr, lf
db''File processing completed''
db cr, lf ,''$''

msg4 db cr, lf
db''Missing file name.''
db cr, lf ,''$''

msg5 db

cr, lf db''Disk is full.''db cr, lf ,''$'' msg6 db cr, lf db''Clean Word Processing File''db cr, lf db''Copyright (c) 1983 Laboratory Microsystems Inc.''db cr, lf ,''$'' msg7 db cr, lf,''Input file $''msg8 db cr, lf,''Output file $''msg9 db cr, lf ,''$' 'input_buffer db blksize dup (?); buffer for deblocking of data; from input file output_buffer db blksize dup (?); buffer for blocking of data; sent to output file data ends stack segment para stack''STACK''db 64 dup (?) stack ends end clean

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