Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flash light and shadow effects of the word

Flash has powerful animation features are well known, and especially in the Text effect of the more prominent examples of the use of Flash in the more classic and popular technology - Mask (Mask), to produce the text of the lighting effects can make ordinary The text looks more colorful.

1. Start Flash MX and create a new video, set video as beige, the color code is # FF9933, video size can be arbitrarily set, according to the number of text and text size to adjust.

2. Select "File / Import" command, from the outside into a suitable video image, image content is not strictly limited, as long as the more colorful images can be, and here we have chosen the familiar with the Windows logo a picture of blue sky, and its import video.

3. Create a graphic element, named Cloud, enter the component editor, will be dragged in front of the imported bitmap editor to adjust its position to the middle of the editor, shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1

4. Back to the main scene in the movie, rename the default layer Layer1 as Cloud, and on which to insert a new layer named Word, select the first keyframe layer Word, and then from the toolbox Select the Text tool, enter in the middle of the stage version "IBM", where text can be set to your actual needs, and then in the Properties panel to set the appropriate font and text size, set the scene shown in Figure 2 is completed Houzhu said:

Figure 2

5. Before continuing down to do we also need to consider the example of the use of masking techniques to achieve, so the location of the mask layer must be set correctly, the final lighting effect is a word in the text on the flow of light and shadow, so According to this point can determine the mask layer should be a layer containing the text of the Word, create lighting effects layer should be a mask layer, which is below cloud level, the key issues identified, we can continue.

6. Back to the cloud layer, select the first keyframe of this layer, then cloud from the library component will be dragged into the stage, so that it covers the front of the input text "IBM", and to the right and the component cloud the right of the text is relatively homogeneous, as shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3

In the first two layers 60 respectively, into the key frame, select the last frame of the cloud layer, drag the right level of the component cloud, that the left side of the left and text alignment shown in Figure 4:

Figure 4

Finally set the layer cloud from the first frame to 60 frames for the movement transitions, and set the layer word for the mask layer, so the whole effect on the completion of the production, the final time line shown in Figure 5:

Figure 5

7. The final release works, the effect shown in Figure 6:

Figure 6

The simple steps, you create the effect of good lighting words, the mask of a very wide range of applications in flash, using it can make a lot of beautiful effects, I hope Members can understand.

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